Past Life Regression

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Healing from the Trauma

Past Life Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression Hypnosis. Discover and conquer the source of  anxiety, Dog bites PTSD, panic attacks, sexual assault, and other traumas.

Past Life Regression Therapist

Leonard Ludovico is a pioneer and specialist in uncovering blockage that is impacting your life and ability to realize your potential. He is a licensed Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with 25 years experience working with clients. Specializing in any kind of trauma,
Leonard has the uncanny ability (within the first 5 minutes of meeting you) to see, with laser-like clarity, exactly what is creating problems for you in any area of your life.


Leonard is a channel that leads people on a journey, consciously, into the subconscious mind where misinformation can be transformed into truth. Illusion can be shattered resulting in the removal of obstacles blocking one’s personal journey toward one’s own life’s purpose. Bringing clients to truth brings them closer to the divine. With more clarity, Leonard’s clients get more done.
For example, people who are severely blocked, for one reason or the other, have to bring the subconscious to the front of their minds in order to move beyond certain challenges.

The issue you are dealing with will re-surface time-after-time in all areas of your life and in all of your relationships, until you learn what you need to learn from it. Leonard helps you see what is getting in your way from a whole different point of view so you are able to see it, understand it, and release it. He will bring you to the truth of what happened so you will be able to see it for yourself. 
Leonard believes you can’t get rid of an experience until you get true understanding. In his process, you will gain understanding so you can learn what the experience had to teach you and then let it go. This is the way toward transformation.


Leonard believes that no one can help you by telling you. No one knows the real truth but you. In all he does, Leonard advocates that people check out for themselves the information he presents and, through their own experience, see how it fits into their story and their life. In his own words, “as a child I was always very intuitive. I was able to see events of people’s lives within a couple seconds. I Went to school for 10 years and learned about myself. Now I am able to use my intuitive gift that was given to me. Now I am able to teach people what I have already experience in life”.

Leonard enables people to gain understanding that ultimately leads them to rewire their brains such that they can get rid of old thought patterns that do not serve them anymore and exchange them for new thought patterns that are constructive and helpful.
As spoken by one client, “you get people past their accumulated baloney so they can get on with the life they were meant to live”.

If you’re interested in correcting a problem that keeps on coming up time after time, Leonard will show you the way to set yourself free. Try a session and see if it doesn’t create your new way of being.