With 25 years experience, Leonard is a highly respected transpersonal hypnotherapist who improves people’s lives through mind, body and spirit. Specializing in trauma and helping people heal and recover. Leonard is a channel that leads you on a journey into the realm of the unconscious all knowing mind to access your truth. No one knows the real truth but you. Illusions and blockages can be removed. Personally transforming from within changes everything, empowering you on your life’s journey and purpose. Follow him on the pathway and set yourself free.

What clients are saying about Leonard

You helped me understand what I was experiencing with my intuition. Your guidance and teachings have been life changing. Forever grateful.

You brought me to see my own truth and have helped me change me.

Leonard’s wisdom is invaluable. New perspectives, new thoughts, new decisions.  Internal change creating external change.

I appreciated your honest, caring, and compassionate approach. You helped me find my voice.  What was lost is found. As I change, so is my life.  Thank you.

Your insight is so thought provoking.  You are a teacher and guide with humility and grace.

My anxiety felt so constricting, heart racing, and panicky. Thank you for helping me let it go.

Hello Leonard,
I am a former dog and therapy client from 2005. I want to say thank you for being part of my entire journey. With sincere gratitude, thank you.
I cured my depression. I am going on to provide a tool to others to do so. One of the keys I heard in our therapy sessions was the word “balance”. Invaluable. I want to give you credit for that. I didn’t do this all on my own.

Congratulations on making that adjustment in your life. The one that needs the credit is you. I just facilitated you to go to a place of understanding.
Often it is not easy to look into the deepest part of your soul. I believe in being real and saying the truth to people. Although in my experience, sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth.
A teacher always appears when you need it the most.
Hope to see you on the pathway.-LL