It’s finding your own truth.

Leonard Ludovico

At a very young age, Leonard learned of his gift of intuition through animals, particularly dogs. He was able to hear and see what his intuition was telling him telepathically, without any words.

At first, Leonard felt as if this was some sort of game. A game in which he mastered over time. The more he played, the better he became. Through a synchronicity of events as a young man, Leonard met a mentor who helped him understand this was actually a very unique gift. Through his teachings and training, Leonard has become a successful transpersonal hypnotherapist. With 25 years of experience, he has mastered hypnotism, test-taking, and reading body language. Allow Leonard to help you in the journey of life.

Leonard’s work is truly life-changing. 

Leonard has since been using his gift to help others transform their lives.

His passion is to teach people. He’s an expert guide, believing that enlightenment and empowerment occur when you discover the truth from within. Leonard specializes in trauma recovery, anxiety disorders, and past life regression. He also teaches people how to utilize a gift we all have, our intuition. His work has touched and inspired many diverse backgrounds from individuals.

Wellness for You and Your Dog…All in One. 

Over 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders.   

If you are personally having problems with anxiety, PTSD, or are everyday stress, Leonard can help you. Leonard is a licensed hypnotherapist/hypnotist.

Any therapy questions you can email me.

Follow me on the pathway. Be one with yourself and others.

“If you are able to hear it and speak it, you are able to see it.  If you can see it, you can learn from it.  If you can learn from it, you can change and grow.”