“Changing your mind, changes your heart, which changes your experience.”

Leonard Ludovico


Genuine love is your essence or core, a shared oneness.

It is a flow and exchange of energy.

Caring, kind and helpful.

It believes in and wants the best.

Accepting, honest and humble.

It is open, yet safe.

And grows and matures.



Finding, realizing, and maintaining genuine love is an important and pleasurable part of life. Often, basic life lessons can be learned within a relationship, especially intimate and or romantic relationships. When we find ourselves in need of making a change to better our relationship, the change often must start with a change in yourself. Many of us find ourselves in different relationships which experience similar types of problems. This often takes place because we fail to recognize and change our behavior which causes us to repeat harmful and destructive patterns. The first step in bettering a relationship is to better yourself. In order to better yourself, you must not ignore or blame the issues on others but understand why the issues are taking place. By understanding the dynamics of relationships and how internal change begins will lead you on a path of happiness.

By utilizing Leonard’s hypnotherapy methods, you will see and understand the patterns or behaviors which need modification. You will also learn ways on how to make the necessary modifications. With this new perspective; you will be on the path to achieve your sought after desire. Genuine romantic love is what we all inherently want, and it is very possible to obtain.

Be one with yourself and others.



Men and women are wired differently and do not always interpret things the same way. These differences can be observed at a very early age in life. Many men interrupt being asked to do something as an “order” or a sense of being controlled. Generally, most men consider crying a form of weakness or lack of strength. Many men are taught not to show emotion or allow others to know how they are feeling. Although some may argue that this school of thinking is natural, it greatly diminishes the quality of relationships and causes a barrier between a loving couple. 

Understanding our feelings and being able to express and communicate them is key in a successful relationship. Allow Leonard to help you better understand your feelings and learn ways to better communicate them to your partner.

We are looking for the oneness.


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