“Changing your mind, changes your heart, which changes your experience.”

Leonard Ludovico




Genuine love is your essence or core, a shared oneness.

It is a flow and exchange of energy.

Caring, kind and helpful.

It believes in and wants the best.

Accepting, honest and humble.

It is open, yet safe.

And grows and matures.




Finding, realizing and maintaining it, is often a function of where you are at and what you need to learn in life. Often what you need to learn in life shows up in relationships especially intimate or romantic ones.

A way to change or alter your experience in relationships is to first transform yourself. Often, there are repeated patterns in behaviors. You may keep attracting the same situations or relationships. The characters in them may be different but the patterns are the same.

You can ignore, avoid or blame the issue on someone or something else.  However, understanding the “why” is key. By really looking within and learning the dynamics in relationships, you will find tremendous understanding and insight.  That is where internal change begins.

Utilizing Leonard’s hypnotherapy expertise and guidance, you will see and understand the patterns or behaviors. With this new perspective, he will help you on the pathway to achieve your sought after desire. Genuine romantic love is what we all inherently want.

Be one with yourself and others.



Men are very basic. We don’t have access to the inner like you women do. We do not feel the same way as you ladies feel. If you ask us how we feel, we will say ok.

For most men we can be told to do something but it has to come across as if we are not being told what to do. Ladies have a way of taking things away from us. When you try to get us to stop doing certain things, we feel like we are being controlled. Sometimes, it comes across as if you are trying to take control.

When we were little we were told not to cry and to be strong. If you would watch a baby boy play it would be a lot different. When you watch two little girls play they are practicing how to relate and discussing how they are feeling.

Also it is our responsibility to take care of the family. We are not taught to have the same feelings as females have. Men have their qualities that women do not have.

Men look at things differently than females. Men are usually thinking from the left side of the brain. Women think from the right side. That means women have access to the mind. Women bring men to the truth of who they are.

Men keep women grounded. Women are capable of doing five things more than men, listening, take care of their babies, cooking dinner, and making sure their baby doesn’t get hurt. Emotions from the female get in there way sometimes.

Relationships are not meant to last forever. We are here to learn family, growth, and companionship.

The bottom line is, we are here to learn how to relate to one another. This means a woman comes to a man so she can learn about herself and a female comes to a male so the male will also learn about himself.

Where we are at in our life, is what we will attract. A relationship will last as long as the two people involved are willing to make it work.

Ladies, you have a lot better understanding than men do.

Wherever there is a great man, there is always a great woman behind him. Women have very good qualities. Men also have good qualities when these combinations are mixed together in the proper way. Men then would be able to move mountains.

We have certain issues that are awakened when we are in relationships. That is for us to learn about ourselves.

If we are not able to say something, then we are not able to know. If we are able to see then we are able to feel. If we are able to feel, then we are able to learn. Then we are able to grow.


We are looking for the oneness.


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