“You hold the key to unlock and change your life.”

Leonard Ludovico


Have you ever wanted to have the ability to see and understand why a situation is happening in your life? Are you personally creating these conditions through your thinking processes or are they just random events?

 Hypnosis is a natural, normal state that allows access to the unconscious through the use of the right side of your brain.  In this trance state, you will take yourself to a visual, physical experience that will explain the circumstances that are happening in your present daily life. By tapping into the wisdom, understanding, and emotions of an event, you can heal your past, which can also affect you in the present moment, by making your life happier and fuller.

 Most of the helpful information comes from the unconscious, which holds the memories that are not available to you in a conscious state. The use of transpersonal hypnotherapist is a very effective tool to make this unconscious information available.



Working with Leonard, you will experience something very peaceful and healing that will change your life. He will teach you the Eight Sacred Disks Process and you will then be able to tap into your own inner wisdom, which taps into Universal wisdom.

You will have access, in a short period of time, to information and answers that you need and want. Each person is different and no two experiences are exactly the same.

One person may be more ready to communicate with the inner world than another. Some people are visual and some will have that knowing feeling. No way is better than the other because all achieve the same end result. Our bodies are energy and information driven. All parts of the physical body have a job to do and know exactly how to do it to perfection.

 The main problem, if you will, is that none of these parts has a brain. They are subject to your belief system. Your brain is the captain of your vessel. What you believe in feeds it and it, in turn, feeds to all of the parts of the body that make up the microcosm called you.

The brain is not only subject to your thoughts and beliefs, it is also receptive to mass thought and is constantly being bombarded by negative, fear thoughts like:  If I sleep near an open window, I will catch a cold or I always get the flu in the springtime.

To find that bridge that connects the brain to the body (where it gains some form of control over the information fed into the brain), one must tap into that place beyond the thinking system.  Not above it, not inside of it not below it, but a place in front of the thought because by the time the thought has formed, it is too late to change it and the damage has been done.

Wonderful healing awaits you. Always keep your mind in front of your thoughts and remain open to receive the wonderful healing within this process.


As you learn to thoroughly experience the process you will find the energy you receive rejuvenating. Upon returning to your natural state, you will feel like you have had the best nights sleep and you will feel ready to take on the world.

As you relax and focus, your body may begin to vibrate.  Be patient in the beginning. Your body must learn how to generate energy and place your thinking in front of your brain’s access and control.

Your left-brain typically tries to negate the process by feeding thoughts like “ Nothing is happening, this is taking too long, I’m not feeling anything, and I can’t do this.” Remember, you must again place your thinking in front of your thought.

Your entire being inherited the gift of healing the body. It is your birthright so please claim and accept it as your truth!


As you surrender to this electromagnetic flow of healing energy it will begin to course through each of your energy centers and you may feel vibration in your body.

This energy flow is pure healing energy that aligns the causal (electric) body with the human (material) body. It is a gift every human being possesses to keep the body healthy, vibrant and functionally young.


Always remember that your guide or angel is there with you to keep you safe and help you vibrate.  This healing journey is an inner journey through the energy centers of the body.

It is a well-known fact that every seven years you have completely new body parts. No part of your human body is over seven years old. Even science is finding that aging is more about belief and body abuse than fact. Along with that understanding is the fact that the electric body has no age and consists of pure healing vibration.

Remember, be in the Oneness of yourself and others. Join Leonard in this healing flow of energy that is yours.




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