“Uncover and understand.”

Leonard Ludovico





A panic or anxiety attack is a sudden, intense and overwhelming feeling of unease, nervousness and fear. We are energy, spiritual beings in human bodies and this energy has a pattern and rhythm to it. An attack is swirling energy creating pandemonium from within, impacting you and often those around you.

 It is, however, an internal warning sign, physically telling you something is going on or has gone on too long and requires attention. Something needs to be learned. Getting to the root cause of why they occur can tremendously change and improve your life

 Utilizing hypnotherapy, Leonard will guide and assist you in seeing and understanding how and why they are happening. Hypnosis allows access into the realm of the unconscious, all knowing mind. The left brain or analytical side is then able to see and process both sides of the coin. This understanding and acceptance results in positive, lasting change and healing.


Follow him on the pathway of letting go.



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