“Uncover and understand.”

Leonard Ludovico



A panic or anxiety attack is a sudden, intense and overwhelming feeling of unease, nervousness, and fear. Humans are spiritual beings made of energy living in human bodies. We all have a distinct energy pattern and rhythm. A panic attack causes great disruption in the normal flow of our energy resulting in inner pandemonium. This disruption of a normal energy pattern greatly impacts us and those around us.

It is important to understand that these feelings are an internal warning sign and should not be ignored. These attacks suggest that something is going on, or has gone on too long and requires your attention. Determining and understanding the root of this can tremendously change and improve your life.

Utilizing hypnotherapy, Leonard will guide you in seeing and understanding how and why this is happening. Hypnosis allows access into the realm of the all-knowing mind where the answers can be found.


Follow him on the pathway of letting go.


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