To change an aspect in your current life, you need to change an aspect in a past lifetime.

Leonard Ludovico


Past life regression is a method that uses hypnosis to reveal and or recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. All humans are spiritual beings of energy who have journeyed through this world in past lives. Many experiences we encountered in previous lives are woven into our present life. 

Understanding past life regression will help you understand why a current life issue or challenge is happening and how to best handle it. Correctly understanding how these past life experiences influence your present life will provide you with insight, understanding, and healing power. 

Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion is a trance-like state in which a person has a heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is generally done with the help of a specialist using verbal repetition and mental images. Hypnosis will provide access to the all-knowing mind where the answers to what you are searching for will not just be found but understood. It enables the analytic side of the brain to see and understand the correlation between current life events and past life events. It is only after these correlations are found and understood that positive life changes could take place.

With Leonard’s skillful and gentle guidance, you will be able to uncover and understand these essential past life experiences. The perspective gained through this process can transform current beliefs, behaviors, and experiences in your present life. Embrace this journey and become one with yourself.



*For confidentiality and privacy purposes, names and/or identities have been changed.

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Case Study #1


What am I supposed to learn from my dogs?

It’s 1906, I am a doctor named Richard. I know that I am well dressed in black leather shoes and I have an eyeglass lens. I am in a pitch-black room that feels like a cellar or pantry of sorts. On the shelf in front of me is a bottle of poison. I drink it because I have failed. I was fraudulent with my account at the bank, and I stole a lot of money, and I cannot face my actions. I decide that ending my life is the best way to handle the situation.

I’m told that I needed to understand Richard’s life so that I do not make the same mistake again. The dogs are in my life to remind me not to give up. I might have failed them for the last 7 years, but that can change, and it has changed. When I do not give up and let go of the idea that failure is death, then I can thrive, and so can all that is around me.

I go back as Richard before he drinks the poison, and I decide to get the support of my wife. I tell her what I did, and she goes with me to the bank for moral support. I tell the teller that there was a misunderstanding with my account and that I wanted to rectify it. The teller does not flinch and politely handles the matter. It was like nothing had happened.

I come to and realize how my fears of failure have paralyzed me. The dogs were never going to get better until I had the courage to face my fears of failing. All along, I never tried because quietly, I believed that I could never fail if I never tried. I now have proof that a little courage can change everything. I don’t have to walk through my fears alone, and it is ok and sometimes necessary to get support. The dogs have taught me not to throw in the towel so quickly, either.



Case Study #2


Overcoming Fear – 18 year old

After I was put under, I was in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. There was a door in front of me and 2 on the wall to my left. The door was wooden and painted white. It didn’t have a handle but just pushed open. I went in and went to 2000, in my house with my mom.

I was working on a project that had me research on the web, and my mom was helping me with it. She was showing me how to use a search engine and click on the links to get information from the web pages. I didn’t want to do it and was bored. I wanted to play my computer game. She then left and had me work on the assignment, but I played the game instead.

She came back and yelled at me for not doing my work, and I stopped playing. Then you had me leave into the all-knowing self-looking down on the situation. I saw that I was bored by the assignment and I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t like my mom yelling at me and telling me I had to do something boring. I saw that I felt punished for having fun by playing my game. My all-knowing self related this to 2011 and told me that I felt I had to be punished while doing work and that I was losing focus because I didn’t enjoy what I was working on.

The information I was getting wasn’t very clear and didn’t seem to match our target of “the root cause of losing focus,” so you had me shuffle my feet counterclockwise and go deeper. When you tapped my foot, I went to the playground of my elementary school in 1998, where I was at recess, but my 2 friends were out that day, so I had no one to play with. I felt alone and didn’t play with any of the other kids. Soon, one of the teachers or supervising adults came out and I hung out with her, instead. Then I went into the all-knowing self and looked down upon the experience.

I saw that I was too scared to meet anyone else that day because I was afraid of what they might think of me. I felt safe with my 2 friends that I had, but since they weren’t there, I didn’t want to change anything. I said that if I played with other kids, I would have more friends, and I wouldn’t lose the other ones I had.

Then you tapped my foot and had me go to 5 minutes before that happened. I was walking in the hallway out to the playground and realized my 2 friends weren’t there that day, and I got nervous thinking about what I was going to do for recess that day. Then you asked me “can’t you just talk to another kid? Make more friends.” I said yes and then I talked to other kids and one of them asked me where my friend was and when I said he wasn’t there that day, she invited me to play with her. You said “good”.

Then I played with them and had a good time. Then you said, “When I tap your foot, we’re going to go to a place where you don’t like change”. You tapped my foot, and I was in 2000 on my first day of school at my new school in 3rd grade. My mom was with me and we were walking down the hall. There were a lot of new faces and we went to the office to check-in or something. My mom then took me to my classroom and kissed me goodbye. I went into the room, and most of the kids were already there. The teacher welcomed me and had me put my stuff on the floor because they were out of cubbies. I then sat in the back and didn’t say anything.

One student said hi to me and I replied back, but didn’t say anything else. The teacher was about to have everyone introduce themselves. Then I went into the all-knowing self and looked down upon the experience. I saw that I was nervous during the time between arriving and the teacher having everyone introduce themselves. I said it was because it was a new situation, and I did not know what was going to happen.

I like to be in control and this situation caught me by surprise. I said that I like surprises but only when it’s something I like, and I’m always afraid of experiencing something I don’t like. This makes me afraid of any type of surprise and Michael in the class was afraid of the surprise of the first day.

I asked the all-knowing self how this relates to me in 2011 and I said I was afraid of surprises and doing things out of fear of them not going, as I want. I said that I was losing focus on the test because I was afraid of picking the wrong answer choice or doing poorly. The test is one question at a time, so I can’t see what’s coming next. This scares me because I’m not in control and don’t know if something good or bad is going to happen.

This is also why I don’t have a voice because I’m always afraid of making a bad impression or wrong choice. Then the experience slowed, and it felt like we weren’t getting any more information out of this experience, so you told me to go to the time and place where I was afraid of choice when you tapped my foot. You tapped my foot and I was in 1980 in a car upside down on the side of the freeway. I was David Peterson and I was dying. I was thinking about making a bad choice while driving and was regretting it. I could feel myself going away, and it was a very scary and surreal feeling that was hard to describe to you while I was in this particular experience.

You then had me ask if David was dead and I said yes. You asked if he was there now and I said yes. You had me ask him if he was a guide. I said he was. You then asked me if he was a guide or he was a part of me and he said he was an aspect of me. You had me ask him why he was there and he said that he had to teach me something. You had me ask him if he was crossed over and he said no, because he hadn’t taught me what he was supposed to yet. You then told me to ask him what he was supposed to teach me. He said that he was supposed to teach me about making choices and having a voice. He said that He didn’t make choices in his life and he made a bad one that cost him his life. He was very bitter about it, but he knew that he had to leave for a reason and part of that reason was to teach me this lesson. He said that I needed to make choices to learn and that the bad ones were as good as the good ones. He said the bad decision he made was not making a decision.

He said I was full of potential and have a very special purpose. I was thinking that it wasn’t fair that he had to die to teach me this lesson, and I felt that I unjustly got the wrong end of the stick and benefited from the lesson, while it cost him his human experience. He said that it was fair and that I am meant to help many people in my future, so I’m not being given a free lesson for no reason at someone else’s expense. He also said that this was his purpose, whether he likes it or not.

I then asked him if it would be hard for me to make choices and have a voice, and he said it would be at first, but it will come naturally to me and I will be good at it. He again said I was special and this would be a challenge, but it wouldn’t be something I can’t do. He saw the capability within me. You then had me ask him how long he was waiting to cross over. He said he’s been there since he died and that he’s been looking for me all this time but could never find me. He was waiting for someone like you to bring me to him. Then you had me ask him if he knew my dad and he said that he’s heard of my dad but has never met him. You had me ask him what your purpose was, and he said that you’re like the ferryman who helps people across and that you’re also a gift-giver.

You had me ask him if there were a lot of people where he is and he said there are, but everyone has their own purpose and mission and doesn’t interact with one another. They all know they’re there, but they don’t know each other’s purpose. You had me ask him how he knows this information and what his purpose is and he said he isn’t allowed to tell us and that you’ll find out when you get there and also that your job here is not done yet. He then started to leave. Someone came from the other side to get him, but I couldn’t see the other person. You had me ask why he’s leaving, and he said it was because he was done. He found me and taught me my lesson, so he could go now.

You had me ask him quickly if he could go anywhere to any time or place, and he said that he can go witness things but not enter the experience, and he can only go places he knows about, not any place and any time he wants. Then he said he really had to go and left with the other person. I came back to the room through the door into the room with the doors and the stairs I came down from. I walked out and saw the other two doors that I did not enter merge into one and then disappear. You asked if I saw anything else, and I saw the tree that my dad left behind a long time ago. He placed a bowl of rocks under the tree and under the rocks on the bottom of the bowl was a note that said, “just wanted to say hi and that I’m proud of you. You’ll know what this means”. The rocks meant that he wanted me to see him at his grave.

I thought I didn’t need to go there to connect with him, but he wanted me to for him and because he left some way of communicating with him there. You asked if he was there and I didn’t see him at first but then I somehow knew he was there. Then he appeared and you had me ask him if he crossed over, and he said he hadn’t. I was mad at him and asked him why. He said he didn’t want to and still wanted to be with us. He said he persuaded grandpa to let him stay to do one more thing for me. He had been watching us this whole time but not getting too close so we would notice or feel him. You had me make a deal with him saying if I went to see him at his grave, then he would go to the other side. He agreed and wants me to come by myself and bring his #1 Dad watch that I gave him. He said I have to come see him before I leave for wherever I’m going over the summer. He then left, and I walked up the stairs and came back to the human experience.

Writing this did help me see some of the lessons clearer. This relates to my human experience because I am afraid of making choices and thus have no voice. David was afraid of making choices and did not make them. He made a wrong one and died. David was a part of my past self, so I share a fear of choices, because I’m afraid of making a wrong one and dying like David did. In my present life, this shows up with me not wanting to engage with others, show who I really am, or make decisions. Everything that could have a possible negative outcome, I don’t do or have a problem doing because I’m afraid of making a wrong choice.

This accounts for my shyness, my dislike of helping people, and not wanting to do things I don’t want to. How I deal with not wanting to make choices is by not wanting to do something or by losing focus. If I encounter a choice, my left-brain protects me by pulling me away from the experience. I know that choices cause me trouble and if I don’t take part in the experience, I won’t suffer anxiety or stress.

On my test, I am afraid of making a choice on the verbal section because I don’t know the answer 100%, and I’m afraid of making a bad choice. I don’t have this problem with math because I can calculate a solution that is either 100% the answer or not the answer, so I know for certain that I am making a correct choice. The verbal is more interpretive and subjective, so there is a greater chance of me making a wrong choice, especially if I don’t know some of the vocabulary. Therefore, I am in a bad place when I take the test, lose focus frequently, and am probably not even present in my body most of the time.

On a side note, I think I felt disoriented when I came out because I was in shock from experiencing David’s death. I didn’t describe it in as much detail when I was under hypnosis because it was uncomfortable to me. A few hours after leaving, I figured out that this was causing me some shock. I really felt him dying, and it was an experience I can’t describe (similar to his experience of knowing that he had to help me). It is an emotion that is from the other side and we in the human experience have no comprehension of it. But it was very scary and traumatic, and I think this was preventing me from processing what happened when I was under hypnosis.

After writing this, I do feel better, but I’m sure it will take a few days to adjust as it always does. Please let me know if this assumption is wrong. Also, I’ll probably call you in a few days to let you know where I’m at. Thanks again for today. It was the biggest session I’ve had and I know it will produce the most change for me. I think having David’s experience was heavier for me than I’ve ever had or expected, so it hit me kind of hard.


Case Study #3


Understanding Anxiety

I had a session with Leonard for anxiety. While I was under, I went back to 1870 as a 13-year-old girl named Anna. When I first started the process, Ann was lying down in a nightgown with dirty feet and ankles. Ann had been tied down on a pile of wood by the townspeople and had been left overnight; later they were going to set the wood on fire and burn her alive. Ann had been tied up because the townspeople had persecuted her and believed her to be a witch. At the beginning of the process, I was able to acknowledge and experience Ann’s emotions and I began to cry.

I am aware that Ann felt trapped and not in control of her life and full of panic. I am also aware that this is how I feel in my nanny job today. The video cameras that watch me have brought up the old feelings of being trapped and tied up against my will and not having control of the outcome. I also know that the children that I nanny are experiencing the same feelings and are not being acknowledged or fulfilled or listened to by their parents. This comes out as anger and rage and outbursts.

I understand that the panic and pain that Ann experienced is a version of what I’m experiencing now in my job. I understand that this job has brought this up because it is something that I need to deal with. Ann was prosecuted for using her intuition and that is something that I need to use without a sense of fear or that something bad will happen to me. I also learned that Ann said something that they prosecuted her for, and that would keep me from wanting to speak up in 2015.

In a different version, Leonard had Ann use her intuition to help the townspeople. The session ended with Ann playing with dolls, and I was able to experience a sense of innocence. I also was able to look at Ann with acknowledgment that I am a version of her…. We ended smiling and holding each other’s hands with a sense of knowing what the other had been through. As a result, I was able to cry more and release part of the anxiety that I’ve been feeling. Cathy and Antoinette are holding hands, barefoot and turning. The grass feels good on our feet. Cathy tells Antoinette not to forget her.



Case Study #4


Feeling Responsible

Lenny took me back in time to 1804, I saw this little girl about the age of 6 years. She was supposed to attend a formal affair. However, she sneaks away, remo

Lenny took me back in time to 1804, I saw this little girl about the age of 6 years old. She was supposed to attend a formal affair. However, she sneaks away, removes her shoes and walks into a tunnel below the castle instead. The castle is dark.

There she takes a candle with her on a brass holder. She loves the feel of the cold stone on her feet and often escapes to this place. She hates formal affairs because the people that attend are stuffy, political beings that feel a need to talk to her. However, they really think she is a spoiled brat. The name of the child is Antoinette.

Antoinette is in the bottom portion of the castle where the floor is cold. She drops the candle and starts on fire. The fire is hot and overpowers the tunnel. Her life ends here in the tunnel under the castle. And Antoinette feels responsible for ruining the big event because she started the fire. The party was ruined.

In 2006 Cathy walked on pins and needles. Cathy had always had a fear of burning; she had foot problems that tie back to Antoinette. In this life, she still has to attend political events. In such, at these events, she gets nervous and walks on pins and needles. She is never satisfied with her clothing and always feels like she can ever be good enough.

As Lenny takes me away from the event, he asks me what I learned; I come to realize that I am constantly walking on pins and needles. As Antoinette, Lenny asked me to meet Cathy in 2006. Antoinette likes Cathy and describes her as a woman with big eyes. She describes Cathy as being sad. She is finally convinced to hug Cathy and become one with her.

After hugging, Antoinette begins to play with Cathy in the sun. She feels warmth and love going through her. She describes the sun as God’s love.


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