“If you change, your experience changes.”

Leonard Ludovico


Your first thought might be of the entertaining “stage acts.” The reality is we all are in states of hypnosis several times a day. When lost in thought, zoning out, driving or watching TV, you are in a trance. Under hypnosis, you are in a natural and normal state of mind. You are relaxed, aware and always in control. While at the same time able to access the unconscious mind via the right side of the brain. You are simply utilizing more mental capabilities. Similar to a daydream, you are aware of your surroundings and what is happening, but your focus is on the dream.


For thousands of years, hypnosis has been used for a wide variety of therapeutic purposes both physical and mental. Today transpersonal hypnotherapy, the integration of mind, body and spirit, is a vehicle that provides a journey into the realm of your unconscious mind. If you want to identify, repair, or understand events or issues in your life, hypnosis is a tool that can help transform them. By having access to information, you are then able to explore the emotions, attitudes, and beliefs of a problem, circumstance or event. The insight gained creates understanding and change in feelings, behaviors and perspectives.


As a compassionate and masterful hypnotherapist, Leonard guides you throughout the process. It begins with an intention and formulating the right question or statement. This will get you to the root source of the issue or difficulty. Leonard takes you to the proper depth of a trance that allows you to recall and access the information. The answers to the question or statement are uncovered by going to and visualizing the experience or problem. He helps you interpret, understand and clarify the issue or situation. As a result, you gain immense knowledge, insight and wisdom. In understanding and healing the past, you can tremendously improve and transform your present life.

Follow him on the pathway.


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