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I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your true care and affection that you gave during a greatly sensitive time in my life. I genuinely felt blessed to have met you and gotten the opportunity to fully benefit from hypnotherapy.
You have given me my life back in a way that I had missed and almost forgotten. You made me see the light and gave me courage and strength. And most of all you helped me see that all that was already within me.
I am now so much more aware than before. You made me wiser and helped me grow not just as a person, but also as an adult and a professional. I thank you for that.
Leonard, you truly are a gifted individual. I feel lucky to say you made a true difference in my life! No one would believe this happened to me in a matter of two hours with you.
I am happy to share my experience—from having a phobia of dogs all my life to experiencing what I call a miracle of playing with dogs within two hours of your gifted work.
I no longer feel confined when I go outside. Instead of feeling confined and tense, I just walk straight and focus on my day instead of constantly watching for my safety.
I am so lucky to have met you because you have changed my life and I am so grateful to you. You gave me back a sense of freedom that I now enjoy and for that I am grateful.
Although I came to Leonard for my son, his amazing work helped change me and my family. I realized the problem wasn’t just my son it was about the whole family.
Leonard showed me that as soon as I changed, everyone around me would change and the best way to heal my son was to heal myself first.
Leonard was right. His insight and understanding are incredible. He says the deepest truth about you in a matter-of-fact, everyday manner like it’s no big deal yet it’s the core truth of who and what you are and what is stopping you in your life. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it.
I have been deeply touched by the magic of you and your work, Leonard, and I am beyond grateful.
You are a blessed and giving man who has done so much to experience what I have always wanted. A happy healthy family.
I knew I needed something to help me make this multi-million dollar deal happen. I had been working on similar deals for seven years and they always seemed to go “bye-bye” at the last minute.
The work I did with Leonard was mind-blowing. He was so effective and precise in helping me realize the root cause of why I hadn’t been able to consummate big deals.
He changed my life.
Words cannot describe what you have done for me. Thank you!
Leonard Ludovico has the unique talent for having a deep insight into people. After just a few minutes of interaction with or observance of a person, he can accurately describe their personalities, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.
Leonard helped me immensely with the psychological barriers that are natural to taking the bar exam.
Through hypnosis, Leonard helped me relax and overcome much of the anxiety that would prevent me from thinking clearly and articulating my thoughts into well organized, passing essays.
Without Leonard, I would not have been able to pass the CA Bar Exam. I learned that sometimes there are things that keep you from your goals that you don’t even know are obstacles.
For the first time in my life, I was able to see what I was doing to create my own reality versus seeing the behavior of others as what was blocking me. Through this work, I was able to see that it was me that gave my power away and that nobody took it from me. Today, I see my power as belonging to no one else but me.
I have a son with autism who is also deaf. Since I have been clearing my own path (internally and externally), my son has literally leaped ahead also. He is initiating communication more than he ever has and he is finding ways of getting his own personal needs met. He is stronger as I strengthen myself and we are on this journey toward our future together. With clarity, it is easier for me to see him and serve him.
It is as if Leonard is a channel helping me reclaim my own self and a warrior pushing me forward in my own spiritual journey. He told me I would be fierce after this work is done and I believe that.
Leonard made it possible for me to identify and navigate long-held fears and patterns. Without having that insight I believe I would not have been able to successfully prepare for the California Bar Exam the way that I did.  Thank you Leonard!

“I use to compulsively wash my hands, at least ten to twenty times a day. I went to a psychologist for eight years. I felt that I was dirty and couldn’t wash it off of me. No matter what I was doing, I would have to stop and go to the bathroom to wash my hands. After one visit in the golden dome doing the process I got the true understanding of why I was doing this behavior. My guides showed me a quick slide show of what the problem really was. It gave me true understanding. I was free of the dirty feeling and was able to let it go. This unlocked my sexuality and for the first time in my forty five years, I am free. I can only say it was remarkable and I’m so grateful to  Leonard for their work. “

“I had a thirteen year old son very sick with cancer. I was with him at the hospital all day and night, and exhausted, I finally left. Right after I left, he passed away. I couldn’t forgive myself. I feel like I let him down and I wasn’t there for him. I felt responsible. That in his last moments, his mother wasn’t there to comfort him and let him know how much he was loved. I went to a psychologist he advised me to go to a psychiatrists for medication. I was put on medication. I still felt guilty but now doped up. The inner part of me couldn’t let go of the guilt. Later on, I ran into Leonard Ludovico. He guided me through the process, which was something I had never experienced before. My religion and my beliefs were totally against it. During the process, I was able to see my son and talk to him. I told him that I was sorry I wasn’t there when he passed away. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and that smiling face I loved so much and told me that he didn’t want to die when I was there. I asked him why he went at that moment. And he answered I was ready.”

What I experienced in the process was very revealing and informational. I had a sore throat for three months. I went to several doctors who told me it was a virus. My throat got so bad that I was unable to eat and drink. I was in agony for three months, living off of cough drops.

After one visit in the Dome, it went away very quickly. I couldn’t believe it. By the next morning I no longer had a sore throat. The process just speaks for itself.”

“When I was six years old, my dad put me on a plane. I thought he didn’t love me and was abandoning me. I’m thirty five years old and I hadn’t spoke to my dad since I was twelve. Leonard and Shari taught me how to do the process on my own so that I can get information and understanding for myself.

I went through the veil and was met by my master teachers and guides. They explained a lot to me about what was truly going on when I was six. I got to see myself at six years old and at thirty five years old. What I learned is that my father was going though a bitter divorce with my mother and wanted to protect me from the emotional fallout of it. He sent me away because he loved me and didn’t want me to be traumatized.

After I went through the process, my father called the very next night and told me he loved me. I asked Leonard about that and he said I was directly connected to my father. If I made a change, my father would feel the change.

I then did the process three other times on my own. The third session, my father called again up and asked if I wanted to go into business with him. He is now my best friend.

I feel so powerful having this tool at my disposal to help me in my life. Now I have the ability to get information that I need for myself.

“Leonard is incredibly gifted. I can’t really describe in words what I experienced. I can only tell you, after even the first session, I felt so much better. Like a weight had been lifted from me. And the issues and answers seemed to pop out at me. The Bar Exam actually was fun to take—not like the five previous times. I wasn’t nervous or having an anxiety attack. I slept great the night before. I was so relaxed and focused, I even surprised myself. It was the best experience of my life. I PASSED THE BAR—YEA!!! Leonard, YOU ARE A MIRACLE! I can’t wait to see you now for other things going on in my life.

“At first, I was skeptical and resistant about Leonard’s approach. But I knew I needed something to help me make this multi-million dollar deal happen. I had been working on similar deals for seven years and they always seemed to go “bye-bye” at the last minute. The work I did with Leonard was mind-blowing. He was so effective and precise in helping me realize the root cause of why I hadn’t been able to consummate big deals. It was a struggle at first to accept it, but I knew if I didn’t, I would fail again. He changed my life. My wife has noticed the difference; words cannot describe what you have done for me. Thank you, with love, Jeff.

I have been running marathons for five years and the 2002 Los Angeles Marathon was my seventh marathon. Up to this point, marathons had always been a painful experience. I would usually hit the wall anywhere between mile 18 and 22 and suffer through the end of the race. Going into the 2002 Los Angeles Marathon, I didn’t expect anything better. In fact I was nervous because I had sprained my hip eight weeks before the race and was experiencing pain in my left hip and lower back. When Leonard suggested I try hypnotherapy prior to the race, I thought “why the hell not? What do I have to lose?.” Not that I was expecting a miracle but I was desperate and willing to try anything.

Being hypnotized was an interesting experience. Although I had been hypnotized once before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. First he had me write down how I would like my body to perform on the day of the race. Once this was done, he sat me in a comfortable chair and put me under. I was aware the entire time but just in a deep relaxed state. He then asked me to instruct my body based on the list I wrote. When I was done, he gave me some further suggestions and brought me back out of the hypnotic state. One of the suggestions he gave me was that every time I saw the color purple, I would feel a surge of energy and my body would not be hurting. This really worked.

The 2002 Los Angeles Marathon turned out to me my best race ever. I never hit the dreaded “Wall”, my body felt good the entire race with minimal soreness and no pain, and I finished in record time for me. Improving my best time by 25 minutes. It was amazing. The best part was every time I saw purple (which was all over the place), I would forget any soreness and become full of energy. I definitely would recommend giving hypnotherapy a try if you are committed to improving your athletic ability. I look forward to trying it again in future races!

First I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your true care and affection that you gave during a greatly sensitive time in my life. I appreciated that you listened first and asked more questions before you recommended your advice. Most of all I am grateful that you answered my questions one by one with patience and extreme efficiency. I genuinely felt blessed to have met you and gotten the opportunity to fully benefit from hypnotherapy.

I had no idea what my BAR Results were about to mean to me until I spoke with you and Shari and decided to have the hypnotherapy sessions to understand what was in fact preventing me form passing the Bar. The sessions have given me so much of what I was constantly taking away from myself. I would not have gained such vital knowledge about myself if it were not for you. You two are the best. The sessions are fast, efficient and extremely beneficial in life. I know this because not only was I a witness to your extreme talent and hard work, but also I am an example of the result of such life altering experience. I want to share my experience so that I can help those individuals who may relate and as a result, they can also know how to help themselves.

Through these sessions, I have learned so much about myself in the deepest way imaginable, yet in the shortest time unimaginable. One of the things most painful to me that I learned was that I did not pass the bar because I gave up. And all the emotions that I felt had nothing to do with the bar exam. The bar exam was just what triggered all of the emotions that were in my way of moving forward in my life.

You have given me my life back in a way that I had missed and almost forgotten. You made me see the light and gave me courage and strength. And most of all you helped me see that all that was already within me. I am now so much more aware than before. You made me wiser and helped me grow not just as a person, but also as an adult and a professional. I THANK YOU for that.

My favorite quote from you is when you said if you can’t see it you can’t hear it, and if you can hear it you can’t learn from it and if you can’t learn from it you can’t grow. Thank you for helping me to see it, hear it, learn it and grow from it!

My last formal step is to pass the bar exam and begin a new chapter in practicing law. You made this experience a truly learning experience and a positive one. I feel happier and healthier to face new challenges and chose to grow from them and eventually help others the same. I am excited to see where my path will lead me as I move forward in my life to finding my own gift.

What I need in my experience to help me learn about myself now. I am ready to set my pace. The job that I need is the following. I need a job with a foundation, so I could show up and be there. I need something that I will be in control of and where somebody would have trust in me. If they have trust within me then I will have trust in myself. I would like to work 40 hours per week doing something that I enjoy. I want to make $25,000 per month. I want to help people that need help and there is no reason I cannot have that. I fully understand I have to do my part. The ideas will just flow to me and they will help me out through situations. I want my own office and I love my office because it there will be a lot of glass I can look out and I will not feel controlled. I want my boss to be a Caucasian about 55 years old in good shape. I need a boss that believes in me. I need a boss that can teach me. I need a boss that can be sensitive at times and direct at others, and is comfortable with himself; where he lets me run the business. I will have an open mind where I will be in a place of listening. I need a boss who sees something special in me. Together we brainstorm and think of and implement great ideas of how to help thirsty, hungry and sick people. When I was a young boy and first learned that there were people in the world that did not have water to drink and food to eat, I could not believe it and wanted to do something about it. Finally, I have come to the point where I am able to help and reach outside of myself as my instincts told me as a boy. This is my purpose. I am a master manipulator that is my gift. To this point the gift is running me, I want to harness the gift and use it to help people that need my help and have no voice. I will understand them because for much of my life I have had no voice. My boss and I work well together and have a connection that I have been seeking for many years. He is very intelligent and compassionate. He can teach me compassion. He loves to mountain bike and enjoys drinking beer. Perhaps someday we will open a microbrewery. He is a person of great energy to get things done and positive attitude. If I do something wrong or he does something wrong, we fix it, there is no useless crisis. I need a boss to show me how to be the person I always knew I could be. I will meet him while mountain biking and we will need each other. Meeting him in this way will validate what I always knew was possible, but has taken me along this journey to make happen. I am ready to jump into the flow. I need a boss who is looking for someone he can trust, me. I am looking for a boss I can trust too. I can trust him because he has a noble quality as I do. This job needs work for both of us and if we trust each other, it will. He stands tall and straight like a tree (emotionally) and the energy of life flows though him He is in the flow. He respects himself. I know what feels comfortable with me. I need a boss that I can get close to and get closer to myself and my family too. I need a job where I can have time to pursue my interests like mountain biking and home brewing. I now give myself permission to get out of my own way. I will do it for me first, my boy second and my wife third. I am really going to try to understand what having a voice means. I will then learn what a voice means. I will learn how to connect with others and most importantly, they will connect with me. I now understand. I will start living my own experience. By me living my own experience it will give other people a chance to know who I am. They will learn to respect me because I will learn to respect myself first. From this point on I will do something different everyday from what I would normally do. After I say it, I will be surprised, but I will learn something after I say it. Having a voice means having your own opinions, your own ideas, your own thoughts, your own direction.

I wanted to thank you for making such a difference in my life. I have had many years of traditional psychotherapy, including hypnosis, to help me work through sever childhood abuse, a deep loss of self-confidence, constant anger and depression, and an overwhelming sense of worthlessness. I thought I was “cured” but I still felt angry all the time and I had very little patience with my family and friends. My therapy sessions with you have given me a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself and my family. From this, I am in a more peaceful, loving place. I have never gotten along better with my husband, son, and sister. I am happier, more relaxed, and I feel I have gained much needed insight and wisdom about life and my place in it. While I am still working on learning my life lessons, I have come a long way towards feeling healed and whole. I can’t thank you enough for helping me change through a greater understanding and acceptance of myself.
With great admiration and respect,

He was on describable. He had a very canny ability to understand what I was doing. I have been to a lot of people. And therapy. It only took him a couple minutes. To understand where I was coming from. He was able to put it in a way. That I really understood it. He noticed things that I never noticed. In a very short time. My scores doubled. And I look at the bar examiners not as a threat anymore. I look at it as my own clients. I thought the bar was trying to trick me. So I didn’t trust what they were saying. It was hard for me to hear what Leonard was saying. But he was so right. He keeps me the key. To my life. And I accepted the key. I will always love you for that.

The reason we are here is to find the root cause of why I feel unworthy?

Lenny took me back in time to 1804, I saw this little girl about the age of 6 years. She was supposed to attend a formal affair. However, she sneaks away, removes her shoes and walks into a tunnel below the castle. The castle is dark. There she takes a candle with her on a brass holder. She loves the feel of the cold stone on her feet and often escapes to this place. She hates formal affairs because the people that attend are stuffy; political beings that feel a need to talk to me. However, they really think I am a spoiled brat. The name of the child is Antoinette.

Antoinette is in the bottom portion of the castle where the floor is cold. She drops the candle and starts on fire. The fire is hot and overpowers the tunnel. Interesting, Cathy has always had a fear of burning. Her life ends here in the tunnel under the castle. Antoinette feels responsible for ruining the big event because she started the fire.

The party was ruined. In 2006 Cathy walks on pins and needles. Cathy has always had a fear of burning; she has feet problems that tie back to Antoinette. In this life she still has to attend political events. In such, at these events she gets nervous and walks on pins and needles. She is never satisfied with her clothing and always feels like she can ever be good enough.

As Lenny takes me away from the event he asks me what I learned; I come to realize that I am constantly walking on pins and needles. As Antoinette, Lenny asks me to meet Cathy in 2006. Antoinette likes Cathy and describes her as a woman with big eyes. She describes Cathy as being sad. She is finally convinced to hug Cathy and becomes one with her. She begins to play with Cathy in the sun. She feels warmth and love going through her. She describes the sun as God’s love. Antoinette is asks to describe Cathy; she says she has much more depth and says the sun is shinning on her beautiful face. Cathy and Antoinette are holding hands, barefoot and turning. The grass feels good on our feet. Cathy tells Antoinette not to forget her.


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