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I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your true care and affection that you gave during a greatly sensitive time in my life. I genuinely felt blessed to have met you and gotten the opportunity to fully benefit from hypnotherapy.
You have given me my life back in a way that I had missed and almost forgotten. You made me see the light and gave me courage and strength. And most of all you helped me see that all that was already within me.
I am now so much more aware than before. You made me wiser and helped me grow not just as a person, but also as an adult and a professional. I thank you for that.


Leonard, you truly are a gifted individual. I feel lucky to say you made a true difference in my life! No one would believe this happened to me in a matter of two hours with you.
I am happy to share my experience—from having a phobia of dogs all my life to experiencing what I call a miracle of playing with dogs within two hours of your gifted work.
I no longer feel confined when I go outside. Instead of feeling confined and tense, I just walk straight and focus on my day instead of constantly watching for my safety.
I am so lucky to have met you because you have changed my life and I am so grateful to you. You gave me back a sense of freedom that I now enjoy and for that I am grateful.


Although I came to Leonard for my son, his amazing work helped change me and my family. I realized the problem wasn’t just my son it was about the whole family.
Leonard showed me that as soon as I changed, everyone around me would change and the best way to heal my son was to heal myself first.
Leonard was right. His insight and understanding are incredible. He says the deepest truth about you in a matter-of-fact, everyday manner like it’s no big deal yet it’s the core truth of who and what you are and what is stopping you in your life. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it.
I have been deeply touched by the magic of you and your work, Leonard, and I am beyond grateful.
You are a blessed and giving man who has done so much to experience what I have always wanted. A happy healthy family.


I knew I needed something to help me make this multi-million dollar deal happen. I had been working on similar deals for seven years and they always seemed to go “bye-bye” at the last minute.
The work I did with Leonard was mind-blowing. He was so effective and precise in helping me realize the root cause of why I hadn’t been able to consummate big deals.
He changed my life.
Words cannot describe what you have done for me. Thank you!


Leonard Ludovico has the unique talent for having a deep insight into people. After just a few minutes of interaction with or observance of a person, he can accurately describe their personalities, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.


Leonard helped me immensely with the psychological barriers that are natural to taking the bar exam.
Through hypnosis, Leonard helped me relax and overcome much of the anxiety that would prevent me from thinking clearly and articulating my thoughts into well organized, passing essays.
Without Leonard, I would not have been able to pass the CA Bar Exam. I learned that sometimes there are things that keep you from your goals that you don’t even know are obstacles.


For the first time in my life, I was able to see what I was doing to create my own reality versus seeing the behavior of others as what was blocking me. Through this work, I was able to see that it was me that gave my power away and that nobody took it from me. Today, I see my power as belonging to no one else but me.
I have a son with autism who is also deaf. Since I have been clearing my own path (internally and externally), my son has literally leaped ahead also. He is initiating communication more than he ever has and he is finding ways of getting his own personal needs met. He is stronger as I strengthen myself and we are on this journey toward our future together. With clarity, it is easier for me to see him and serve him.
It is as if Leonard is a channel helping me reclaim my own self and a warrior pushing me forward in my own spiritual journey. He told me I would be fierce after this work is done and I believe that.


Leonard made it possible for me to identify and navigate long-held fears and patterns. Without having that insight I believe I would not have been able to successfully prepare for the California Bar Exam the way that I did.  Thank you Leonard!



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